Windows Mobile 6.5 and My Phone from Microsoft

windows mobileAt the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft presented a demonstration of the Windows Mobile 6.5, and My Phone.

The Windows Mobile 6.5 would be released in the second half of 2009, which will only be available as the pre-installed OS on new devices. Windows Mobile 6.5 comes with a hexagon-based layout rather than the default grid layout. The hexagon layout almost matches with the shape of the fingertip’s point of contact, making it an intuitive design choice.

There is no more START menu, instead it is more of a dashboard, where gadgets and rich internet applications are housed. Windows Mobile 6.5 has a new Internet Explorer Mobile based on IE6 for Desktops. Windows Mobile 6.5 also comes with cloud sync service, offered for free by Microsoft.

My Phone beta funcitonality helps to backup contacts, calendars, text messages, photos and videos to My Phone service links with the Windows Live ID. This functionality allows information to be synchronized across multiple connected devices.

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