Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Released – Free Download @ Microsoft

Microsoft has released Security Essentials 2.0 which offers real time protection for your Windows PC against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malicious software. Security Essentials is free to download and can be installed in machines running Windows XP SP2 and higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Security Essentials 2.0 ties with Windows Firewall and also integrates with Internet Explorer for detecting web-based threats. For better protection, Security Essentials run in the background while you work on your computer. The software updates itself automatically through internet so your PC will always have the latest security protection from Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Essentials has a simple and uncluttered interface which shows the security state of your PC.


The green icon shows that your computer’s security status is good. The icon changes its color to yellow when there is some security threats. The software will then display warning messages and actions that you have to take, such as requesting you to turn on real-time protection, running a system scan etc. A red icon is shown when there is severe security threat for your computer. You must then take necessary action recommended by the software such as clicking on the button which asks you for removing the threats.

Security Essentials 2.0 is the updated version of Security Essentials 1.0 which Microsoft released as a beta edition in September 2009. You can download Security Essentials 2.0 from Microsoft website.

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