Windows Live Writer is Good, But I Don’t Use It. Why?

I like the cool features of Windows Live Writer (WLW), the blogging editor from Microsoft, including

  • Being able to post in multiple blogs
  • We preview of post before publishing
  • Insert hyperlink, picture, table, map, tags, video, etc.
  • Plug-ins / extensions for various features
  • Image editing features
  • View and update HTML code of the post
  • Formating features like blockquote, bullets, etc.
  • Spell check
  • Link glossary
  • Image upload facilities
  • Being able to configure image upload folder for customer hosting

OK Sree, sounds good. Then why don’t you use WLW for your blogging?

When uploading images from the post, Windows Live Writer creates a sub-folder under the image folder for each post and saves the corresponding images. I don’t want to have many sub-folders created for each post within the image folder.

Also I prefer having the option to being able to make an image gallery using the images from the image folder. This helps to use the images like logos.

I have already requested Windows Live Support team for this feature and is passed to the production team.

Hope I will be able to use the next version of Windows Live Writer.

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