WebSnapshot – Take Screenshot of Entire Web Page

WebSnapshot is a free screenshot capturing software to take screenshot of entire web page. You can provide the URL of the web page for which you want to take screenshot, and this will capture a snapshot of that entire web page. It is an Adobe Air based application, so you can use it on any platform.

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WebSnapshot captures 3 types of screenshots of a web page:

  • Capture a thumbnail image of web page: You can specify the size of thumbnail, and WebSnapshot will clip website image to that size. You can also specify a scale factor to capture more area in thumbnail. A big limitation found is that it does not have an option to fit entire web page in thumbnail by automatic scaling.
  • Capture Browser Size image of web page: In this mode, you can capture image of the web page as it will look in a browser. WebSnapshot will clip remaining parts of the image.
  • [advt]Capture Screenshot of Entire Web Page: This will capture the screenshot of entire web page in a single image. This is the most useful aspect of WebSnapshot. Irrespective of the length of the web page, it will save that in a single image. You can then resize the image as per your needs.

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