FeelHome – Free App for Remotely Access Computer

FeelHome is a free application that lets you remotely access computer, and access the files and folders located on a computer remotely. It allows you to get, save, or share the files through an online account. It does not function as a file server or storage device that stores the information on your computer. Each time you explore a file or folder on your computer, it accesses your computer and transfers the information. As soon as the users obtain the information requested, then it will be removed from the server.

Download FeelHome 


  • It allows you to access whatever files on your computer at anytime in one click
  • FeelHome does not store and manage the files on your computer
  • You can view your files and folders in a web browser in front of a desktop, browse the hard drive and open any file
  • You can display file properties including file name, file size, executable, readable, owner, extension, creation date, modified date
  • You can save old and new files with no security issues
  • [advt]You can save your files instantly into the specified remote folder on your computer
  • It is encrypted with a secure cryptographic protocol including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • You can use HTTPS protocol to create a secure channel by using the SSL encryption
  • Each password is encrypted with a special algorithm so that no staff from the FeelHome

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