YuuGuu.com – Web Conferencing and Screen Sharing for Free

Yuuguu is a UK based company providing instant screen sharing and easy remote working platform, for free to everyone. Yuuguu is now in its beta. It’s easy to download, sign up and use Yuuguu.

You can work from home or wherever you want, and still interact with your colleagues and friends as though you’re sat right next to them. And you can work together on documents and applications remotely. No need to load anything up to the web, or create a new ‘online’ only document. You can use the tools and applications you use now on your desktop.

With Yuuguu, you can have instant online meetings with any number of people for free. You can all work together in real time on the documents or applications you’re looking at. If you wish, you can use the fully integrated global conference bridge, which costs you for the telephone call.

You can also remotely control another computer, given permission. It helps you assist your friend in solving some issue on their desktop or sharing your application for a review without your friend needing to install it. You can show your friends those new photos or documents or some screens in your deskop. You can show anything to anyone, for free.

You can also use the voice conferencing service without the Yuuguu client by dialing the local conference number provided. Currently Yuuguu provides local numbers in UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and USA. Yuuguu also provides a SkypeOut numbers for Skype users. If you are not in one of the countries listed above add the international dialing code and call the UK number. Yuuguu provides a unique 6 digit PIN for the voice conferencing.The service is provided in conjunction with Via-Vox Ltd.

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