Microsoft SharedView Beta2 – Conference Calls & Collaboration

Microsoft SharedView helps you to hold effective online meetings and conference calls. Its very simple and easy to use. You can connect with up to 15 people in different locations and show them what’s on your screen or share a specific application to demonstrate.

You can share, review, and update documents with multiple people in real time. Anybody with an invitation password from the host can join the session, no need to sign in. SharedView also has the group chat functionality to send messages to others in the session.


The sharer needs a Windows Live ID (Passport, Hotmail, or MSN) to start sessions (but not to join sessions). The sharer has initial control of a shared application or desktop, but any session participant can request control at any time so everyone can actively contribute. The sharer can immediately take control back by simply clicking the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.

Microsoft SharedView works on Windows Server 2003 SP1; Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2. Since the screens are shared online, broadband Internet access is recommended.

Download SharedView Beta2 or read more about it at SharedView Beta Home

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