Google Moderator – Prioritize Questions Socially

Google ModeratorGoogle Moderator is a simple tool that helps groups determine which questions should be asked at general meetings, conferences, sessions, etc..

This tool, conceived by the Google engineer Taliver Heath for internal use at Google to rate many of the questions being asked / discussed in sessions. The tool helps to vote positive or negative for the questions by the users and select the most positive voted questions for discussion in the meeting. That’s Moderator helps you prioritize which questions are most important to be discussed in the session or meeting or event.

Now this application is ported to Google App Engine and made public. The tool is announced at the Google App Engine blog.


  • You can add a topic within a series.
  • You can vote up or down the question.
  • You can either submit a question or vote on a question that’s already been asked; you need a Google Account to sign in.
  • Questions on the Google Moderator page are automatically ranked based on how many positive votes they have.
  • The creator of the series has the option to allow or disallow anonymous posts.
  • You can also invite others who may want to edit the event to own the series.

The code review tool is another example Google’s internal tool released for use by the public through App Engine. This tool can be used for code review with subversion.

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