Web Browser for Searching and Downloding Media – Download Wyzo

Wyzo is an innovative free web browser that provides its users with the chance to optimize their browsing experience for media. This browser allows you to download BitTorrent files with a single click and discover media inside your browser. It is optimized for searching and downloading media from internet.

Wyzo free web browser is heavily optimized towards online media and improving your downloads. Having a specialty means that the browser is catered more towards the needs of its target market, making it an overall better browsing experience. It is not simply something to improve media experience; it is also a heavily featured free web browser in its own right. It manages to be speedy and offers a theme that is very easy on the eye. The interface of Wyzo is very similar to Mozilla Firefox.

Download Wyzo



  • Fast surfing: You can now surf the internet faster than ever.
  • Private browsing and notifications for malicious sites: Wyzo is more secure. It uses the latest security measures to keep your personal info safe and inform you of malicious websites. Wyzo now also has a private browsing mode for ultimate privacy.
  • Media-oriented search engines on the start page: The start page now features more media-oriented search engines and the most popular video content from several destinations.
  • [advt]Supercharged downloads: Wyzo incorporates multi-source downloading wherever possible to significantly accelerate your web downloads – supercharge those downloads.
  • Brand new, light theme: More and more applications are using the browser, so it provides a better user experience. The light nature of the theme makes it easier on the eyes.
  • BitTorrent integration: Wyzo lets you browse and download torrents right from within your surfing environment – thats right, no other software required.
  • Quick tab switching: Quick switching makes it that much easier for you to switch between your active tabs. Now, simply pressing Ctrl+Tab presents you with a highly visual, intuitive tab switching format.
  • Fully compatible with add-ons for Mozilla Firefox: Wyzo is fully compatible with all your favourite Add-ons for Mozilla-based browsers, such as Firefox.

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