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QtWeb-browser-logoQTWeb is a free web browser which is based on Apple’s webkit rendering engine and Nokia QT framework. This is an open source web browser which has a very simple interface which is easy to use and comes with a lot of privacy options. This freeware, QTWeb is ideal for a pocket USB drive as it has tiny footprints which makes it unique.

Download QTWeb Browser

Customizable User Interface

  • Change Application Style on the fly, and see how the program and websites look under different versions of Windows and Unix environment
  • Move Navigation Bar and Bookmarks Bar anywhere within a mainframe, or even undock and place them on the Desktop
  • Customize web search providers, menu titles, assign hot keys and your favorite shortcuts to any menu commands
  • Show/Hide toolbar buttons and toolbars themselves (Menu Bar, Navigation Bar, Status Bar, Bookmarks Bar, Tab Bar)
  • Tabbed browsing by default. User Interface can be switched to non-tabbed

Privacy and Security features

  • Turn on Private Browsing mode to avoid leaving traces of browsing, even UserAgent which is being sent to the web server is masked
  • Easy access to most privacy functions via toolbar buttons, Privacy menu and customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Supported SSL to access secure sites. Certificate information and certification path can be displayed
  • Full Reset feature – clears all caches and restores all local settings to the state just after installation, as it was never run on the machine
  • AdBlock function allows to hide most disturbing advertisements and block web counters which slow down browser’s performance while webpage loading

Lightweight, fast and portable browser

  • Size of executable is 6 MB only, no additional DLLs and other configuration files required
  • Single portable EXE file – QtWeb.exe, that can be copied to and run from USB
  • Scripting support allows any web page (including JavaScripted ones) to be loaded and dumped into a file from a command line
  • Can be run in limited Windows environment (Win PE), like Active@ Boot Disk, or BartPE running from CD/DVD/USB
  • Buit-in Torrent client allows to download files via torrents exchange protocol


  • HTML 5, CSS, Frames, JavaScript, Cookies, Bookmarks, History, Passwords, Mouse Gestures, Media content – all essential browser features are here
  • Web Inspector allows to view and inspect HTML elements, debug JavaScript, view loading time and profile resources
  • Supported FTP browsing and downloading
  • AutoFill option – stores and pre-populates user names and passwords for the sites you visit most
  • With Qt 4.6 supported Netscape Plug-Ins, like Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime and MediaPlayer

Portable Browser usage scenarios

  • Limited Windows environment (Windows booting and running from CD / DVD / USB Flash – WinPE, BartPE)
  • Portable scenarios (minimum dependencies, can be run directly from CD or USB, no installation is required)
  • Strong privacy required (no traces of browsing to be left on the local machine while browsing, or after browser has been reset)
  • Clean browsing environment (all toolbars, including navigation bar, can be turned off or docked anywhere, and even moved outside the main browsing window)
  • Multimedia machines (Virtual Keyboard supported, simple and convenient mouse navigation, all functions easy access)

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