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K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable and lightweight web browser for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla). Pocket K-Meleon is a fully portable and compressed version of K-Meleon SeaMonkey which needs no special launcher and uses only a single profile.

It uses native Windows application programming interface (API) to create the user interface, instead of using Mozilla’s cross-platform XML User Interface Language (XUL) layer, and as a result, is tightly integrated into the look and feel of the Windows desktop.

Flashblock is fully enabled, and the size of the browser disk cache and length of history have been set to zero to extend the life of USB flash drives.

Download K-Meleon


K-Meleon has a highly flexible interface design. All the menus and toolbar buttons can be customized using its configuration files. This feature can be very useful in an environment where the general public has access to the browser such as a public library or Internet cafe. There is no graphical user interface (GUI) to customize the individual toolbars, so users will need to edit the toolbar configuration file to make any changes in the button layouts, although one can move around the toolbars by simply dragging their handles.

The use of Windows native interface means that K-Meleon does not support Mozilla-based themes. Compatibility with Mozilla extensions is also limited, with only a few extensions that can be integrated. However, K-Meleon has its own plugins (called “kplugins”) and browser themes, (the default being Phoenity) which can extend the functionality and customize the appearance of the browser. There is also a macro plugin which allows users to extend the browser functionality without having to know the C programming language[source]

Pocket K-Meleon

Pocket K-Meleon is a fully portable and compressed packaging of K-Meleon 1.x. No special launcher is needed and only a single profile is used. (If you want multiple profiles, use KMprof to launch Pocket K-Meleon.) By default, the size of the browser disk cache and length of history have been set to zero to extend the life of USB flash drives.

To install, simply unzip all folders and files to a folder of your choice on any read/write drive. Then run the browser via K-Meleon.exe.

Download Pocket K-Meleon 1.13 Tiny (in English, 5.5 MB 7zip archive).

K-Meleon loads significantly faster and is lighter on system resources than the better-known Firefox browser, while offering more immediately useful features for browsing. Portable K-Meleon is enabled by the projects shown below, which are ideal for running K-Meleon efficiently and safely from a USB flash drive or miniature hard drive, leaving no traces on the host computer.

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