Download UC Browser for Free – UCWEB for Mobile Phones

UC Browser (also known as UCWEB) is a web browser for mobile devices, such as mobile phones. The web page is not handled on the phone, but compressed and rendered by a server, similar to the operation of a thin client. The browser is available for a number of platforms, including Java, iOS and Android. It works on both low memory phones and high-end phones.

UC Browser is currently available on thousands of handsets and has 6 versions, including Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile, Smart phone and iPhone. UC Browser supports https protocol. You can visit https * websites using UC browser. Considering data security, UC servers do not record any browsing operation, like personal data, E-mail data and so on.

To convenient your faster browsing, UC servers automatically save the website cookies which can identify user’s login state. So that user can login easily. UC browser use encryption method to save the cookies in UC’s special servers, reaching a high level of security.

UC has announced UC Browser Version 7.4 with new features added to it. They include Wap 2.0 Optimization, New default Theme, New Site Navigation, More Efficiency and My Shortcuts.

Download UC Browser for Free

There are various options to download the browser and install into your mobile.

Download to your computer, transfer to phone and install

Select your phone model and make and download JAD / JAR file to you computer.  Now you need to transfer the installation files to your mobile phone  through mobile connectivity options such as data line, blue tooth, infrared, etc.  and install.

Download via mobile internet access
You can download the installation files directly from your mobile phone  by visiting through the built-in browser in your mobile phone.

Download Generic Version

If you can’t find your phone model listed in the download link, download the UC Browser generic version

Download UC Browser for iPhone

UC browser is available for iPhone. Download and install.


  • Compression Technology Advanced compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85%, making mobile surfing cheaper.
  • Stable Network: Unique Free-link technology makes wireless network much more stable.
  • Powerful Search: Embedded various popular search engines to meet your searching needs.
  • Multi-tabs: Allowing you switch between pages easily and giving you better browsing experience.
  • Site Navigation: Hundreds of categorized popular web sites are showed in the navigation bar, all you need to do is just ONE click!
  • Download Manager: Super download manager supports resuming downloads and multithreaded downloads.
  • Optimization: To provide the best browsing experience for you, we optimized the browser on different platforms.
  • Pre-load: Pre-load technology makes further improvement on your browsing speed, no more waiting.
  • Privacy: Manage you account making login easily and support cookies.
  • Bookmark and History: Instant access to your favorite web sites with bookmarks or browsing history.
  • URL auto-completion: Effortlessly enter addresses thanks to our sophisticated URLauto-completion, entering only a few letters then select your address.
  • View mode: Zoom Mode and Adaptive Mode are provided to meet your preferences, more viewing choices for web sites.
  • Save and Share: Support to save web pages and images and share them by Bluetooth or SMS.
  • File Manager: You can open, delete and share your files by Bluetooth in UC Browser.
  • Night Mode: Unique Night Surfing Mode protects your eyes in the dark.[source]

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