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Virtual Dimension is a free virtual desktop manager that allows windows users to use several desktops at the same time by creating a virtual desktop environment to work in. You can create unlimited number of virtual desktops using this application and manage your applications in better way.

There is an optional preview window in the right corner of the desktop, which will show you the small thumbnails of the virtual desktops that you have in your computer along with the icon of the applications that easy workspace includes.

Assign a meaningful name to each desktop, and select different wallpaper for each desktop. Virtual Dimension supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and EMF images, on all platforms, and with no speed loss. By creating virtual workspace, you can easily manage your work load and increase productivity. Many applications in one desktop may overcrowd your system and result into slow computing. Once you allot applications to separate workspaces, your system will be more organized and manageable.

Download Virtual Dimension


Add a new dimension to your Windows environment with multiple desktops:

  • Unlimited number of desktops
  • Optional preview window, allowing to select the desktop to switch to, and to access many of the functions
  • Tray icon, allowing easy access to most functions without taking much place on the desktop
  • Specific settings for each desktop (wallpaper, desktop background color, …)
  • Ability to move a window from one desktop to the other, and to have a window be present on all desktops
  • Customizable shortcuts to use the application efficiently

Feeling lost with all your desktops? Virtual Dimension has powerful features to help you:

  • Each desktop can be assigned a global hotkey. Switching to this specific desktop is now as simple a pushing a few keys
  • You can activate the next/previous desktop using customizable hotkeys
  • Optionally, you can have an OSD (On Screen Display) window appear whenever you switch desktop, displaying the name of the activated desktop. The OSD appearance can be fully configured.
  • At your choice, ALT+TAB can present the list of all windows, or only the windows that are present on the current desktop
  • It is also possible to configure the application so that moving the mouse to the edge of the screen automatically switches to the neighboring desktop

The preview window is a powerful tool which allows you to get the most out of Virtual Dimension:

  • Preview window displays the list of windows on each desktop
  • Context menu allows to access special features for each window or desktop
  • You can use drag and drop to simply move a window from one desktop to the other
  • Switching desktop is as easy as a single mouse click
  • Appearance can be customized with custom colors or background image
  • Optionally transparent preview window (Windows 2000/XP only)
  • [advt]The window docks itself to the screen borders, and be hide itself automatically after some time, in order to take as little space as possible ! (note that it can hide only if docked)

Additionally, Virtual Dimension allows you to access special features:

  • You can make any window be “always on top”
  • All windows can be made partially translucent
  • You now have the possibility to minimize any window to the tray
  • You can maximize the width or height of a window, with a single click or customizable keystroke
  • To work even faster, you can move a window to another desktop with only a keystroke of your choice
  • Virtual Dimension also allows you to easily kill any window

In order to access all those features in a more convenient fashion, and thus work faster, Virtual Dimension can optionally integrate with the shell. This allows to access many operations with a single click.

  • The system menu gets a new “Virtual Dimension” submenu, allowing switching desktop, making a window transparent or always on top.
  • If a window is setup to be minimized to tray, clicking on the minimize button will put it to the tray. You do not need to go through Virtual Dimension for this to happen !
  • Shift+Maximize (using the button or menu item) will maximize the width of the window
  • Ctrl+Maximize (using the button or menu item) will maximize the height of the window
  • Shift+Close (using the button or menu item) will kill the window

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