Wadja Social Label Network (Free SMS Service) – What’s New at Wadja?

Wadja.com, a unique social networking site that uses labels to create people-to-topic connections, has introduced a re-design of its homepage and logo.

wadja.com offers a unique messaging service based on shared topics of interest and activities. You can use Wadja.com to follow profile “labels” that focus around the hobbies and group discussions you enjoy the most. With Wadja, you can create your personal, customized, label “tags” and open up a whole new world of messaging. Label conversations can take place over the Web, Email and SMS, and the responses are shared between contacts, or privately with a friend.

Wadja provides better social networking experience by providing mechanisms to deliver real time information across the web and remove the “noise” associated with multiple streams of conversation (labels) by delivering focused social, keyword, semantic value to subscribers (label followers).

The value of labels is derived from enabling the creation of communities that come together through their common interests, hobbies and activities. Wadja creates personal, customized, label “tags” and opens up a whole new world of messaging.

Labels perform all the work folders once did with an extra bonus: you can add more than one label to a conversation. Labels add a personalized relevance to content and conversation. Once a label is created, all the content and feeds within that label are easily searched or accessed by clicking the label name. Labels can be applied to a variety of social content and activity including email and SMS messages, real time tweets and status updates, uploaded media, and even friend relationships.


According to Maria Papathomopoulou, PR Manager at Wadja.com, “We are delighted with the introduction of our new logo and the redesign of our homepage. The new homepage depicts label topics that our users have created, as well as ideas for labels that users could create. It also allows newcomers to the site to test the system before they subscribe to Wadja’s free service. Once you’re in, you can do more by inviting friends and contacts to follow your label and create a community to discuss that one specific topic you are all interested in.”

wadja.com, owned by Wadja Media Limited and headquarters in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus and with office in Athens, Greece, was founded in August 2006. Currently Wadja.com has 5 million registered users.with an average of 300,000 new users added every month on an average. Over 3,000,000 text messages are sent per month globally through Wadja.com. With over 200,000 items being labeled daily, the new feature that brings communities together through common interests, real-time tweets and uploaded media (YouTube and Twitter), has proven a popular new service. Wadja’s users are spread across 200 countries worldwide including, the UK, France, Hungary, Morocco, The United Arab Emirates, Chile and The United States.

Business service offerings from Wadja includes:

Premium SMS: Allows users and clients to upload their contact lists and send unlimited bulk SMS all over the world, quickly and easily from their PC.

Message Ads: This advertising service leverages the over 3 million SMS that are sent on Wadja’s text messaging platform every month, allowing advertisers, bloggers and businesses to embed promotional text underneath Wadja’s free friend-to-friend SMS service.

Hyper–local Marketing: Business can engage local clients & prospects through mobile label updates. Via simple email, clients can be informed of special prices & discounts in minutes.

White Labels: An extremely practical tool for businesses, NGO’s, Universities and other communities to engage with their members. Businesses create their very own Social Network benefiting from an open Wadja platform that integrates rather than competes, with other social networks. Keep your customers engaged.

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