Wadja – How to Send Free SMS, Emails and Notes (Wadja User Guide Video)

Wadja.com - Send Free SMS Text Messages WorldwideWadja offers three main functionality for the users to send messages: Email, SMS and Notes.

How to Send an Email Message to Another Wadja User

To use any of these services, you need to sign in to your Wadja account first. Then go to “My Labels” and click on their choice of message – Email, SMS or Note.

If you now want to send an Email, go to “My label”, click on Email, then you need to click on the inbox. Your inbox will now change to your desired email message box.



How to Send An SMS from WADJA

If you now want to send an SMS, go to “My label“, click on SMS and then click on the inbox. Your inbox will change to your SMS box allowing you to input a number and send a text. Remember to include the + symbol and international code even if you’re sending a local SMS.


How to POST a Note on the Profile Page

Notes” and some other System Labels on Wadja are available for everyone to see. Whether you send a Note @someone or just update your Notes on a label or your profile, the notes are publicly available and will be displayed for everyone to see. Think of Notes as a way to communicate with the Wadja world – it’s like putting up a Post-it for all to see. Do not post notes that are private or sensitive to yourself or another user. If you wish to write something private to another user(s) or contact(s), use your email function or send a text.

Please note that, you can change who views your labels and the “Everyone” settings by going to the SETTINGS (Labels) page. Here you can choose whom you would like to make the labels available to: No one, only me, custom, or everyone. [via]


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