Wadja Developer API and Development Platform

Wadja.com has created a developers platform, which allows users to create applications that run inside Wadja. These can be anything from games to new features on the site or the provision of SMS.

With the Wadja Developer API you can get a basic application – Flash Games, SMS apps and any other kind of application – up and running in minutes and available to over 5 million users.

In order to develop an application, you need to “Create New Application” in Wadja with an application name and logo. You will get an Wadja API key which identifies your application. Wadja provides an application secret code, which is the key to authenticate the requests your application makes.

To start quickly, simply fill in the form here: http://www.wadja.com/account/lab/apply.aspx

If you need any help just got to the Wadja Help Desk at: http://wadja.zendesk.com/portal

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