Download Fizzik Social Browser for Real-Time Media and Social Gaming

fizzik is a browser built for real-time media and the social Web. It helps you to find, enjoy and share the best media on the Web. Fizzik displays the great content in your social feeds, letting you actually share rich media experiences. It is the fusion of Web browser, multimedia player, and social media client.

Download fizzik

Fizzik embeds Internet Explorer for Web browsing, Adobe’s Flash player for video, and integrates with Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook to offer users a seamless multimedia sharing platform.  With fizzik, you can easily find the latest and greatest online news.


[advt]Fizzik social and real-time Web browser provides tabbed browsing, online game services. Fizzik customers get access to an inventory of over 25,000 Adobe Flash games searchable at the click of a button. Each game is displayed in Fizzik’s trademark “Pop” wide-screen view, and the browser’s built-in Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook features let users share games and achievements with unmatched ease.

In addition to support for casual and social gaming, the latest version of Fizzik includes support for tabbed browsing and navigation across a wide range of media types. Users get the ability to navigate across videos, Web pages, and social content, as well as manage separate multimedia sessions.

Fizzik runs on most Windows operating systems and is currently available as a free download for users registering at

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