Download Google+ App for iPad and iPhone

Google+ expands upon the idea of friends lists that most social networks use, bringing circles into being. These make it possible to share different information with different people. Despite the claim that this is an iPad compatible app, Google+ is not a universal app, nor is there currently an iPad specific version available. This version of the software will run on iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads, but anyone using Apple’s tablet will find that the app runs in expanded mode whereby a smaller interface is blown up to fill the screen.

Download Google+ for iPhones and iPad 

[advt]It’s easy to see why Google hasn’t bothered with an individual iPad version. Google+ is clearly designed for use on the move, and this means that users are far more likely to be carrying an iPhone in their pocket than a larger iPad. It does mean that the iPad interface is currently a little on the ugly side, and there are other issues. A lack of landscape support is a strange omission, and the fact that it is not possible to quickly disable geotagging for individual posts could be a worry.

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