Vodafone Launches ‘Vodafone 555 Blue’ Facebook Phone for Prepaid Market

Vodafone LogoVodafone unveiled Vodafone 555 Blue, aimed at prepaid users active on Facebook. The Vodafone 555 Blue was developed in collaboration with Facebook and is manufactured by TCL, the maker of Alcatel brand phones.

The phone has Facebook running once it starts up, delivers updates to the homsecreen, integrates Facebook messages with texts and e-mail from the same contacts, allows quick uploading of photos from the 2 megapixel camera and syncs Facebook profiles with the address book.

[advt]The customisable Facebook ‘F’ button can be assigned to a number of tasks, including instantly posting a status update with photos from the gallery or with links from the browser. The phone comes with a 2.4-inch TFT screen, qwerty keypad, memory card slot up to 16GB and Opera Mini 5 web browser. It keeps you connected with the people that matter when you are on the move.
Vodafone 555 Blue Phone


  • Shoot and share photos: Shoot photos on the 2Megapixel camera with flash. You can capture and instantly share the moment with friends by uploading your photos to facebook. youy don’t need to log in or launch an app – just shoot and share.
  • Explore the music player: Listen to your music wherever you are with the Vodafone 555 Blue music player.Play thousands of music tracks stored on the expandable 16GB Micro-SD card and browse quickly and easily through the built in music library.
  • Enjoy tune on FM Radio: Listen to the news, music and live shows on your Vodafone 555 Blue with the the built-in FM radio.
  • Store photos and music files using the 16GB capacity Micro-SD slot and connect with 2.5G and Bluetooth.
  • Get email on the go: Stay in touch with email on your Vodafone 555 Blue using 2.5G connectivity wherever there’s network coverage. You can read , write and send emails on the go.
  • Explore Opera Mini 5: Enjoy quick and comprehensive web browsing on your vodafone 555 Blue with Opera Mini 5. Get tabbed browsing, password memory, facebook integration, a download manager and new interface easy to use even on small phones.

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