Communication Shutdown – Go Without Facebook or Twitter on Nov 1

“Communication Shutdown” is a global initiative extended across 40 countries to create awareness and raise funds for charity for Autism. On Nov 1, 2010, people around the world have been challenged to go without Facebook or Twitter, for one day. Communication Shutdown is a simple effort to make people feel what autistic individuals go through in their everyday lives.

The Communication Shutdown campaign encourages Facebook and Twitter users to make a donation and receive a charity app or (CHAPP) that will signal their support and intention to boycott their social networking accounts on 1 November.

Today we understand the power of these social networking platforms and forums. The daily activities of individuals are all up there on the social networking platforms. To put things in perspective, social communication is one of the biggest challenges for people with autism. By choosing to shutdown their social networks for one day, users will have some idea of what it’s like for people with autism who face this challenge every day.

India has over 33 million social network users and globally more than two thirds of the world’s population stay connected through networks like Facebook and Twitter. As people become more reliant on these channels to communicate worldwide, the Communication Shutdown fundraising campaign will also serve as a social experiment on social media habits.


To be part of the shutdown, you make a donation to receive the Charity App (CHAPP) available on the campaign website. You may donate $5, $10 or any amount through PayPal. The CHAPP tells your Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you are volunteering to shutdown and gives you a ‘shutdown badge’ to wear online. Your donation will also provide much-needed services for people with autism in your country.

‘Communication Shutdown’ was started by an organization called the AEIOU Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that provides early intervention therapy for children with autism in Australia. In India, the awareness about autism is being led by Asha Foundation a provider of physical, social and emotional rehabilitation for individuals, particularly children, afflicted by autism.

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