Post Tweets to Facebook, Post Facebook Comments to Twitter – Natter Service

All your tweets are monitored by the Natter service and posted to Facebook. Every comment posted to this new Facebook post will be posted to Twitter. So you can follow your Facebook right from your favorite Twitter client. It remove the gap between Twitter and Facebook. It sending tweets to Facebook and Facebook comments back to Twitter. It helps the user to remove the barrier potential between the Facebook and Tweeter. User can follow the Facebook friend in Tweeter.

Synchronizing conversations between Twitter and Facebook and vice versa.


What does Natter do ?

  • Post tweets to your Facebook-profile
  • Post Facebook comments back to Twitter
  • Only post tweets containing a hashtag (e.g. #fb) to Facebook
  • Finds and displays links in your tweets as a Facebook post
  • Translates twitter names to their real world counterparts


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