Vlingo – Voice to Text and Voice Recognition Mobile App

Vlingo is an intelligent voice mobile app that turns your words into action. Vlingo combines voice to text technology with its intent engine to help you quickly complete your desired action. Simply speak to your phone to get just about anything done while on the go. Send text and email messages, search the web, use Google maps, update Twitter and more.

Looking for directions to a restaurant? Need to do a quick mobile search for information on bee allergies? Can’t find the number for a plumber?  Want to update your social status to tell everyone about your new puppy? Maybe you need to send a quick text to a colleague because you’re running late for a meeting? Or perhaps you’re looking for a safer alternative to texting while driving? Vlingo can do all of these things for you, and so much more!

Vlingo has accurate voice recognition technology, speed and intelligence to help you stay connected with the people, businesses and activities that are important to you.

Vlingo is available on most BlackBerry phones, Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones that run OS 2.0 or higher, Nokia phones and select Windows Mobile devices.

Download Vlingo

Vlingo can power most tasks on devices. Users can simply press the “Vlingo widget” to:

  • Send text and email messages
  • Search the web using Google or Yahoo!
  • Update Facebook and Twitter status
  • Open built-in and 3rd party applications
  • Vlingo InCar – Voice-driven, hands free initiation inside car using Blutooth connectivity
  • Speak into any application with the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard
  • SafeReader – hear incoming text & email messages while you drive
  • SuperDialer – one-click calling to an infinite address book, and reviews, maps and directions for any business.
  • Foursquare – check in, connect with friends, or shout out an update on foursquare


Things to taken care when using Vlingo

Vlingo uses highly advanced speech recognition technology to deliver the best accuracy possible. As with humans, it sometimes misunderstands what you say. Here is some  information about how you can get the best results from Vlingo’s speech recognition.

  • Begin speaking shortly after you see the ‘Listening’ dialog. If you speak too early, you may see an error message asking you to wait slightly longer before speaking.
  • Be sure to pronounce words clearly but naturally.
  • Do not pause between each word.
  • Begin speaking shortly after initiating recording.
  • Avoid long periods of silence since this can cause Vlingo to pick up background noise as intended speech.

Vlingo for Android

Vlingo for Android combines fast and accurate voice to text technology with the intelligence to listen to what you say, and quickly connect you with people, businesses and activities so that you can get things done while on the go.

The InCar feature, now available on all Vlingo-supported devices, is the first and only completely hands  free InCar solution that allows you to send and receive messages, make calls, and get directions while keeping two hands on the wheel, and two eyes on the road.  InCar requires 2.2 and a Bluetooth or wired headset in order to function as designed.

Android users get additional convenience with the Vlingo Widget, which allows users to Tap & Speak directly from their phone’s homes screen to provide fast and easy access to everything Vlingo provides.

Turn your words into action today by downloading Vlingo on Android Market!  Available FREE for devices running 2.1 or higher.

Vlingo for BlackBerry

Vlingo Everywhere provides additional convenience for BlackBerry users, as it allows you to use the side key for fast and easy access to everything Vlingo provides. With its SafeReader feature, Vlingo even reads incoming text and email messages aloud, so that you can keep your hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road.  It’s the safest and easiest way to get things done while on the go.

Watch Vlingo for BlackBerry in action

Vlingo for iPhone

Vlingo features direct-SMS functionality (no pasting), as well as easy integration with mapping, email and search functions.  It even connects you to your third parties – like Facebook and Twitter.Turn your words into action today by downloading Vlingo on the Apple App Store.

Watch Vlingo for iPhone in action

Vlingo for NOKIA

Vlingo allows you to email, text, search the web, open native applications or update your Facebook status by simply speaking to your phone. Turn your words into action today by downloading Vlingo on Ovi Store.

Watch Vlingo for Nokia in action

Vlingo for Winows Mobile

Vlingo for Windows turns my words into action by bringing together voice to text technology with intelligence. Vlingo allows you to search the web, place phone calls, connect with friends through social networks and so much more simply by speaking to your phone.

Vlingo for Feature Phones

Vlingo has now developed its intelligent voice application for the JavaME and BMP operating systems.  On certain devices, users can now send texts, search the web, update Facebook or Twitter status and voice dial – all by simply speaking to their phone.  Vlingo makes it easy to get things done when you’re on the go. Vlingo is only available through exclusive preload deals on premium phones like the Samsung Universe, Samsung Solstice II and Sharp Leaf.  If you have one of these devices, you can find Vlingo in the applications folder. [source]


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