Visual Database Creator – Free Tool to Create Simple Databases

Visual Database Creator is a free tool to help you build all kinds of databases. It includes layout design, spread sheet calculation, report printing, search and sorting as well as a user interface which is vastly superior to most other products especially Microsoft Excel and Access.  It uses its own native file format although it can import comma separated value files created in other programs.

If you’re starting from scratch then the program provides helpful wizards to build your database fields. Or, if you have the data elsewhere already, then you’re able to directly import it via a CSV file.

A powerful layout designer supports clip art, label, entry box, picture, line and box grouping controls, making it easy to create sophisticated data entry forms. Searches can be saved on a Favourites menu for speedy recall later.

The results of your queries can also be saved to disc, or printed. And useful printing options help you decide which columns should be printed, and which can be left out, very handy if you’re trying to squeeze complex databases onto a relatively small page.

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  • Sophisticated layout designer with clip art, label, entry box, picture, line and box grouping controls.  Includes ability to change font type of entry boxes and labels.
  • Direct cell editing.
  • Easy to use column calculation editor.
  • [advt]Selectable column printing.
  • Spreadsheet or layout printing.
  • Five simple data types:  Text, Date, Number, Money and Picture.
  • Selectable entry options for columns such as:
  • Unique entry value.
  • Today’s date.
  • Serial number.
  • Static value.
  • Value retainment of previous record.
  • Selection list.  User definable drop down value lists.
  • Ability to add, delete, change name or type of a column.
  • Column creation wizard.
  • Column type icons in column headers for easy type identification.
  • Sortable columns.
  • Repositionable columns.
  • Ability to choose which columns are perpetually totaled.
  • Editable active status which includes or excludes rows from being printed or included in column totaling.
  • Simple data entry with pregenerated form or through your own custom designed layout.
  • Logical and easy to understand search query tool right on the main toolbar. Query types include:
  • Search within.
  • Exact match.
  • Greater than.
  • Less than.
  • Range.
  • Saved searches in favorites menu.
  • Password protection on database structure and layout design.
  • Comma seperated value (.CSV) import.
  • Ability to save search results.
  • Multitab viewing window to show many search result grids at once.
  • Copy row to clipboard with tab seperated values.

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