NixNote – Evernote Clone for Linux, Mac and Windows

NixNote is an Evernote clone that has been designed for Linux, Mac and Windows version. It terms of being a clone, there is little to differentiate between the two programs the only real difference is to be found in slightly differing interfaces.

It is fully compatible with the normal version of Evernote, so it can be used with an existing account. This makes it ideal if you have already been working in the Mac or Windows version of the Evernote software and want to add a Linux machine to the equation.

Day to day operation is incredibly similar to working with Evernote. While NixNote may not boast all of the latest features of its inspiration, all of the essentials are here and the development cycle is such that new updates are released on a fairly frequent basis.

Download NixNote 


  • Synchronizes with Evernote servers
  • [advt]Local data caching
  • Cross platform
  • Local-only and synchronized notebooks supported
  • Database may be encrypted locally

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