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Hub List is a cloud-based organizer tool that synchronizes across all your computers and mobile devices automatically. It offers all this functionality, plus the ability to synchronize with other task-based services and apps like Backpack and Google Tasks. It also allows you to share your lists and tasks with family, friends and colleagues too. It runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux, and will soon launch across mobile devices including the iPhone and Android too.

The only problem is, Hub List is currently at a very early stage in its development, so right now most of these features aren’t functional. In fact, at the present time the program is a simple to-do list tool: you can organize your notes into folders and sub-folders (drag and drop is fully supported), plus delete and archive obsolete notes, but nothing more. However, it’s nicely put together and with tags and smart folders due in a future beta release, should start to develop into a fully featured to-do application.

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  • Open Source CouchApp: Hub List is written entirely in JavaScript with Ext JS 4 and CouchDB. It’s packaged up as a CouchApp with source code on GitHub.
  • Control Your Data: Hub List is a CouchApp that lives inside your own CouchDB instances running anywhere you want from personal servers to enterprise data centers.
  • [advt]Nest: Folders can have sub-folders and tasks can have sub-tasks! Tailor your workflow to follow GTD as little or as much as you like.
  • Focus: Switch to the focus view and eliminate distractions or use smart filtering tools to display tasks across lists and services.
  • Sync: Synchronize your data with CouchDB’s powerful replication capabilities. Hub List + CouchDB runs on all server and desktop platforms.

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