VirtualTreeNavigator – Hierarchical Database Structure Browser

VirtualTreeNavigator is a database browser that presents data in a hierarchical structure. It can present any RDBMS structure as a taxonomy system using a simple and intuitive XML descriptor. It can connect to any RDBMS database eg: ODBC, ADO, OLEDB. It retrieve the data using plain SQL.

VirtualTreeNavigator will help you to instantly visualise and understand the structure of any database. Taxonomy definition files are written in plain XML can work in source-controlled multi-person team environment. It has also a built-in XML editor.

It is easy to install, uninstall and move around. It does not write anything to the registry, run perfectly from a USB stick.


  • Intuitive representation of hierarchy.[advt]
  • Visualisation of any data structure regardless of its source.
  • Powerful XML editor in-program for quick XML descriptor compilation.
  • Easy to install, uninstall and move around.

virtual treenavigator screenshot

Download VirtualTreeNavigator

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