– Video Maps and Driving Direction for Bangalore

Traditional digital maps with turn by turn text directions are easy to follow only if all the streets are marked with clearly visible street nameplates, unfortunately this is not the case in India. is a Bangalore based startup on a mission to help people with providing driving directions and locating a business. VidTeq introduces a unique and innovative navigation concept based on Video Maps. Video Map is a feature-rich next generation navigable map built on a traditional digital map. Video Map is a video clip of the complete route between source and destination with rich features including business logos, background music, turn-by-turn audio overlay, road names etc. embedded into it. Video Map is built of individual geo-tagged video segments.


With VidTeq, you can search for a business, prominent place or a point-of-interest and get directions to that place powered by the VideoMap technology. You can as well type your from and to address & get the route. VidTeq have surveyed a list of prominent businesses, points of interest with accurate location and also captured photographs. This information in turn is embedded right inside the video and also on the digital map.

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