BlackBerry to Replace Paper Challans for Traffic Violations in Bangalore

From January 26th onwards, Bangalore city traffic police will stop issuing old system of paper challans for traffic violations and instead all traffic violations will be booked only via BlackBerry.

The move comes in the wake of complaints against traffic personnel using their discretion in booking cases and deciding the fine amount. With this technology, superior officers get details of the enforcement on computers in real time. Citizens can be assured that whatever they pay as fine will only go to the government.

The traffic police introduced BlackBerry devices in January 2008. At present, BlackBerry is used by traffic personnel of sub-inspector rank and above. From next month, assistant sub-inspectors, who now use challan books, will also get BlackBerry devices. Training for them will begin in 10 days.


“Initially, there were hiccups and resentment, but things have changed. There has been a lot of technological upgradation to ensure a fool-proof system. It’s already shown positive results in terms of fine and data collection,” According to ACP Praveen Sood.

The traffic police had tied up with the state’s e-governance department and begun using the state data centre server. Instruments were replaced with ones having better battery back-up and light chargers. “Even in the absence of network, policemen can book up to 100 cases that will synchronize with the server once network connection is regained. New printers have been imported from the US,” he said. [source]

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