Video Chat with Facebook Friends – Download ChatVibes Browser Plugin

chatvibes-logoChatVibes is the first free and easy to use browser plugin that adds Voice & Video directly to your Facebook Chat without the need to install another application or surf away from Facebook Chat. Download ChatVibes now and you will be able to videochat with your Facebook friends in no time! ChatVibes currently works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

ChatVibes is not a Facebook application – it is a simple browser add-on (a.k.a a browser extension, or toolbar). ChatVibes will improve your experience on Facebook and other Social Media websites by providing multimedia or interactive content, such as Video Chatting. Webcam, Mic and flash version 10.1 or higher are the requirements for chatvibes to work.

[advt]ChatVibes will add a small icon to your Facebook Chat tabs. Clicking on it will let you video chat with your friends who are already online on Facebook Chat! Since Facebook Chat is always on top of all Facebook pages, you do not need to be on any particular page to use ChatVibes, you just need to be logged into Facebook Chat. In the meantime, while you both enjoy video chatting you can keep on surfing anywhere on Facebook without ending your call!

Even better is the fact that on Facebook Chat you can always see your online friends, so all you need to do is to start chatting with them, and then invite them to a video call by clicking the ChatVibes icon – as simple as that!

How to Video Chat on Facebook using ChatVibes


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