VDMSound Free Extendable Soundcard Emulator for Windows

VDMSound is an open source emulator of legacy sound card devices, designed to allow video games and other applications written for MS-DOS to run on the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/95/98/Me operating systems. It is free software.

VDMSound emulates Adlib and Sound Blaster cards (standard, pro and 16), parallel port DAC, and an MPU 401 MIDI (UART-mode) interface. It also provides joystick support.

VDMSound allows the recording of all captured sound and music to WAV and MID files.

[advt]VDMSound allows the user to provide custom mappings for MIDI instruments as well as for joystick buttons and axes.

  • MIDI mappings are particularly useful when the type of MIDI device supported by a game (e.g. MT-32) is different from the type of hardware or software device actually present on the system
  • Joystick mappings are needed principally for DOS-based flight simulation applications, when matching yokes, throttles and pedals to the simulator’s expected configuration

Download VDMSound

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