Free I/O Subsystem Measurement Tool – Download Iometer

Iometer is an I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems. It is used as a benchmark and troubleshooting tool and is easily configured to replicate the behaviour of many popular applications. One commonly quoted measurement provided by the tool is IOPS(Input/Output Operations Per Second, pronounced i-ops).



Iometer is based on a client–server model, where one instance of the Iometer graphical user interface is managing multiple ‘workers’ (each one representing a separate Dynamo.exe process) which are doing the I/O. Iometer performs Asynchronous I/O – accessing files or block devices .

Configurable items within the Access Specifications are:

  • Transfer Request Size
  • Percent Random/Sequential distribution
  • Percent Read/Write Distribution
  • Aligned I/O’s
  • Reply Size
  • TCP/IP status
  • Burstiness

In conjunction with the Access Specifications, Iometer allows the specifications to be cycled with incrementing outstanding I/O’s, either exponentially or linearity. The tool outputs 50 parameters into a.CSV file, allowing multiple applications to analyse and generate graphs and reports on the measured performance.

Download Iometer

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