Free Linux Distribution Run On Windows – Download TopologiLinux

TopologiLinux is a free Linux distribution to be run on or inside an existing Microsoft Windows system. The main feature of TopologiLinux is that it does not require any partitioning. It is based on Slackware and coLinux (Cooperative Linux). TopologiLinux has been chosen as one of nine open-source projects used as principal examples in a study of the characteristics of open-source software.

[advt]It is very easy to install compare to other Linux distributions Topologilinux does not need any partition. It will run on your existing windows/dos partition in a directory named “/tlinux6”. This release works on both NTFS and FAT partitions. which means that you can run it under all existing Windows or dos systems. New since version 5 and above is that can run it inside windows through coLinux.

Download TopologiLinux

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