Advanced Photo Editing with Mugtug – Use SketchPad, Darkroom

DarkroomMugtug is an online application dedicated to the creation and sharing of beautiful photography.  After loading up an image via upload, URL, Flickr, or Picasa, you can do many of the basic edits you might do on a photo in more advanced programs like Photoshop. It  is a place where you get to edit any existing image or photo. You get to do all the basic things to fix any snapshot.

Darkroom also offers dozens of photo effects and each of them can be previewed by moving your mouse over it. You can also tweak photos by playing around and tweaking the exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness and even the white balance. However, Darkroom does not seem to be designed for pixel level editing, so options like a clone brush or healing tool are offered.


SketchPad, on the other hand offers a nice interface to sketch new images. Well the tool is really brilliant. Tools in Sketchpad include paintbrush, autoshape, texture stamp, and spiral brush. Each tool has wide range of variations to choose from. Predefined swatches and gradients are also available. Though you can also create your own.


  • Edit photographs in the MugTug Black Room[advt]
  • Work on sketches and drawings with the MugTug Sketch Pad
  • Participate in the user community to get feedback and discover the work of others
  • Monitor stats including age of photo and vote count
  • Build a user profile, with information such as favorite photos and personal interests


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