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Comodo AntiSpam is free security software that protects your email system from spam and malware by integrating well into the system and allowing you to block spam emails. It helps to keep your email secure and safe by blocking the unwanted emails and letting the safe ones reach you.

It totally eliminates spam and stops spam bots from getting into your main inbox. It uses ‘Passcode authentication’ technology which gives you the authenticity of the senders so you can be sure that they are indeed the person who you think they are.

The ASA (anti spam alert) message asks the sender to reply and type in the passcode in the body of the reply. The idea behind sending the passcode as a graphic is to require a human to read the code and then type it in the reply. An automated actual spammer can’t reply correctly, so their mail gets stored with other junk.

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  • Comodo AntiSpam works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Netscape Messenger
  • The free security software allows all the people in your contact list to mail you
  • It has a pro active spam defence which sends spam report to the postmaster of the spammer domain when it is used to block spam emails
  • It gives you automated live updates
  • [advt]You can access your email spam from any computer which has Comodo AntiSpam configured into it
  • It offers internet bandwidth optimization settings
  • It gives you newsgroup and distribution lists
  • It provides authentication for purchase receipt message senders to help keep your email secure

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