Twuffer – Free Online Service to Schedule Tweets in Future

Twuffer is a free online service that lets you schedule tweets in the future. You can compose the tweets, and then set the time at which you want them to go live. You can schedule tweets for a long time in the future, and Twuffer will take care of posting those tweets at your scheduled time.

Few off the top of its heads:

  • tweet pre-written announcements
  • appointment/milestone reminders
  • run a time-based scavenger hunt
  • [advt]notify subscribers about upcoming podcast or video episodes
  • appear to never sleep

Instead of entering your Twitter username and password in the upper right at, there is now a “Login with Twitter” button.

Clicking this button will direct you to a Twitter OAuth login page where you will enter your Twitter username and password and click “Allow” to authenticate.

This page will look familiar to most of you. Its purpose is to confirm that you would like for Twuffer to be able to post your scheduled tweets on your behalf. If you are a new Twuffer user, you will be delivered back to your Twuffer dashboard tab to set your timezone. If you are an existing Twuffer user, you will be delivered to your queued tweets tab. Besides the new login, Twuffer will allow you to schedule tweets as normal.

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