Pegby – Plan, Assign and Track Tasks

Pegby make your plans by pegging up cards to your board or boards. It’s simple and fun. It began with the Card. Pegby’s core strength and flexibility comes from the simple, good-natured Card. Double-click to add a title. Double-click to add a description. Assign it to yourself or your friend. Drag it around. Push it off. Heck, throw a little color on it.

Pegby is useful to one, but it becomes even more integral to daily life when it is shared with others. It’s true with Pegby: the more you share, the easier it is to get stuff done. It became a catch phrase across Skype as built Pegby: let’s go to the Board. Using an unlimited number of Boards, you can collaborate with friends, family, co-workers and even strangers.

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