Tweet via SMS / Text Message – Post to Twitter via SMS

How To Post a Tweet via SMS

Tweeting via text message from your phone is one of the easiest ways to post a message to Twitter. Read on to learn more about how to send a Tweet via text message from your phone.

  • First, you must have already linked your phone to your Twitter account. You can read about how to do this via SMS or from the web.
  • Second, locate your Twitter short code. Here’s a list of those codes. If you don’t see your country on that list, we may not support your location or mobile carrier yet. We’re working to support more every day!
  • Once your phone is added, simply send a text message containing your Tweet to your short code. Below is an example of a user in the U.S. sending a text message to their short code (40404). That’s all you need to do! It will post as a Tweet to your Twitter profile.
  • To check that your message posted to your Twitter profile, log in on the web and click on your Profile. You should see your Tweet posted there.  [source]

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