TvTak – Webapp that Recognizes Television Shows in One Second

TvTak is a webapp that recognizes television shows in just one second. A single click is all it takes to share what you’re watching on TV. Viewers point their smartphone or tablet at their television screen, TvTak identifies the program in a second and allows viewers to interact instantly. It is available on iOS and Android and works on any television set using unique patent-pending video recognition algorithms.

Point at your TV with your iPhone, and you get the channel and the name of the show written automatically, a perfectly scaled, zoomed, and cropped picture of your TV display and the ability to add an icon with your mood; with one click, you can either post it instantly or add a personal comment.

How TvTak Video Recognition Works?

TvTak uses a unique sophisticated patent-pending technology to identify TV content by pointing the camera of the smartphone at the television set. TvTak video recognition algorithms are real-time, operate on any television set with no specific set-up box or connection, and do require watermarking the original video before broadcast.

When the user points at the TV, TvTak first detects the surface of the television display, and then computes an identifier of the video playing on the TV with its unique graphical characteristics.

Matching:This identifier computed on the smartphone is then compared to source identifiers from two reference databases:

  • [advt] Live TV -In the back-office, TvTak indexes in real-time broadcast TV channels in multiple countries. Video is not recorded but only analyzed in real-time to produce the reference matching identifiers.
  •  Cues for Pre-recorded Clips – for ad spots, movie trailers, or any other pre-recorded content, reference IDs can be generated in advance.


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