MuchEnough – Online Market Application for Education

MuchEnough is an online marketplace application that helps students and instructors around the world find each other and meet online. It is meant to evoke an “abundance mentality” and the idea that can help others by sharing knowledge. Much Enough, instructors create subjects describing what they teach and set their availability or office hours and optionally a price. Students browse and search subjects by keyword and tags.

[advt]Instructors may also create, upload or link to course-related resources such as study notes and curriculum. Instructors and students meet in a session room that provides 1 to 1 video conferencing and collaborative note taking. Students and instructors are free to use any additional tools of their choice for conducting online meetings such as Skype, Google Docs, etc.

It will put you face to face with people who have the knowledge and the willingness to share such knowledge with you. You could be sharing them with others, and generating an income in the process.


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