fring – Make Free Video Calls From Mobile Phones

fring is the groundbreaking mobile communication service that gives users internet-rich communication from their mobile phones. fring members make FREE video calls, voice calls, live chat to other fringsters and to friends on other social networks.

fring leverages the mobile phone’s internet connection to create these communication experiences. It is available on all major Smartphones, on any mobile operator, and any mobile internet connection (3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE).

See and hear your friends, wherever they are. Share the fun of a live,free video call anytime, anywhere (3G,4G, WiFi…)

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iPhone, Android, Nokia Features

fring buddy list

[advt]fring’s main screen is the buddy list. Here you see all your fring friends and can see if they’re online, as well as even check their status. The buddy list includes all friends from fring and any other network (like MSN Messenger  , ICQ  , GoogleTalk  , AIM   and Yahoo!) and may contain your phone’s address book.

free phone calls

Make free phone calls to all your friends from your mobile. Use any internet connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G…) to make fring’s high quality VoIP calls worldwide.

free video calls

See your friends face to face while you speak to them. Call any other smartphone over 3G,4G, WiFi.

free group video calls

See all your friends on your mobile. Wherever you are, enjoy live, 4-way video calling. It’s a mobile video party.

free live chatting

Unlimited live chat to all your friends. Unlimited free, live texting

fringOut   calls

If your friends are not on fring, use fringOut   to call them for cheap. Call any regular phone number worldwide from less than 1¢/minute.

friends’ profiles

See your friend’s profile with all their details like if they are online, their status, their photo and more.

invite friends

Add new fring friends by searching in fring’s directory. If your friends are not on fring, send them an SMS invitation to join you on fring.

call history

See all recent call activities like who called, from what number, whether it was voice or video and more

fring Add-ons

fring Add-ons bring all your internet buddies together. Add friends from GoogleTalk  , MSN Messenger  , AIM  , ICQ  , SIP and more. Add more friends by ticking the Add-on and entering your login details (note you need to have an account with that Add-on before adding them to your fring).


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