TringMe – Integrate with Existing Voice and Telephony Communication Devices

TringMe provides a unified platform offering, that integrates all the existing voice and telephony communication devices and opens up new avenues to innovate on such a platform. TringMe also provides a complete ecosystem wherein VoIP providers, Service providers, Enterprises, Developers and End-users can play. An ecosystem which can cater to developing innovative applications that integrate Voice and Telephony without worrying about the underlying details of call routing and signalling.[advt] TringMe’s uniqueness is the ability to make and receive calls directly from the web, – no software to download or install, it’s ability to unify voice across traditional telephony options (landlines, cellular phones) and the internet. TringMe’s ability to make telephony accessible from Web, Instant Messenger, VoIP over Mobile (via data networks). TringPhone, is a fully web-based SIP phone which can be easily used from any flash-enabled Browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Safari etc.). Make worldwide calls from your PC for FREE.

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