XtGem – Easily Create Your Mobile Web Pages

Using XtGem tool you can create and host professional looking WAP or WEB pages within minutes in your mobile. No programming knowledge required. This service is completely free. But only charge for premium features that cost significantly more to maintain and its all revenue comes from ads published on user sites. Visual mobile site building tool / wap creator Pick an URL and establish your online presence by publishing content.

As iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices continue to gain traction globally, it becomes apparent, that there is a need for a mobile web experience that is more rich [advt]than ordinary mobile sites, yet not as complicated as a full web experience. The template will sport completely new looks and an updated experience, reminiscent of modern mobile operating systems. Users will be able to build and maintain their sites on the go in a very fluent and intuitive web environment.


It will be accessible via a mobile browser, next to all other XtGem versions – you will not have to seek out any software in the app store or install anything on your device to access this version of XtGem.


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