StorageRoom – Content Management System for Mobile Applications Service

StorageRoom is a service and platform to manage any content online and to easily integrate that content into one or multiple mobile or desktop apps. It is content management for mobile applications. It is flexible and customizable content management gives you complete control over data structures. Quickly create any kind of Collection, include it in your app and let editors manage the Entries.

The StorageRoom Application Programming Interface (API) has been created to allow you to interact programmatically with StorageRoom. The StorageRoom API returns data in Formats that you can easily integrate into your application or web site. As a developer you can program a large variety of applications on top of the StorageRoom API.

Features are:

  • Create a new Collection that contains further Entries
  • Add new Entries, your Collection’s validation rules will be obeyed
  • Update or delete any Entry
  • [advt]Load associated Entries through Relationships
  • Search all your Entries to only get the data you require.

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