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Future of Mobile Payment and Mobile Phone Near-Field Communication

A survey by Forrester Research found that 15 percent of Japanese mobile phone users make payments and purchase products in stores with their phones, reports CNN. Only 3 percent of people in North America are expected to conduct mobile payments in 2012. Analysts say that within five years, mobile phones in the United States will be able to make electronic payments, open doors, access subways, clip coupons and possibly act as another form of identification. These futuristic uses for phones are becoming reality in countries like South Korea and Japan, which typically are ahead of the United States in mobile technology. […]

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Mobile Phone Etiquette Instructions Provided by DoT, India

Mobile phone etiquette are common courtesies to use the device in responsible manner having due consideration and respect to the feeling of other individuals around. The DoT has requested all operators in India to create awareness among mobile customers about mobilephone etiquette, including not using mobilephone whield riving, low ringer volume, switch off at hospitals, etc.. […]