Mobile Phone Etiquette Instructions Provided by DoT, India

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India, has sent a memo to all the Unified Access Services Licensees and all the Cellular Mobile Telephone Services Licensees (“carriers / providers”) to create adequate awareness amongst the people about the proper usage of mobile phones and to ensure supply of literature in English and regional languages prescribing mobile etiquette wherever a customer purchases a mobile handset and procure a SIM card.

Mobile phone etiquette are common courtesies to use the device in responsible manner having due consideration and respect to the feeling of other individuals around. Some of mobile etiquette are as below.


  • The mobile phone user should strictly adhere to the rules / regulations / orders / instructions as issues from time to time by the Government / Authorities in schools, colleges, offices, etc..
  • In the public places, the mobile phone should be kept in switched off mode or in vibration or silent mode, as per the instructions on the sign boards displayed by the Authorities in hospital, airplanes, trains, buses, places of worship, cremation / burial ground, auditorium, cinema hall, etc..
  • Mobile phone should not be used while driving.
  • In the public places, the mobile user should be considerate to people sitting or standing near him/her. He/she can move away from the people so that they are not forced to listen to his/her personal/business conversations.
  • Mobile phone should not be used to capture photographs of individuals without their knowledge and consent. It should not be used ti take photographs in public places-deemed-private like swimming pools, gyms, etc.. Privacy of persons around the user of the camera phone should be respected.
  • Ringtones should be set at low level amd should not be annoying to the people around.
  • The mobie phone user should not send request to the television operators for scrolling their private SMSs on the screen of televisions.

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