Top Talent Going Back to India from Silicon Valley

The Register reports that, at a recruiting event for India hosted in Santa Clara, California last week, where the companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Oracle, Intel, Informatica, Symantec, Dell and Accenture participated. Many people wanted to join Microsoft and there was a big line in front of their booth!

These companies did a good job of convincing Indian workers in Silicon Valley to move back home, showcasing a lot of very good job opportunities existing in the India Development Centers. Isn’t it a feel good factor?

I feel very proud reading this news. Of course, India has its own problems and we have no idea when going to get solved (if it happens!). This reverse brain drain will be good for India, if Indian government provide better infrastructure and environment for Information Technology and Research. If the top institutions like IITs concentrate more on academic research, we can even reduce the student/researcher brain drain too and have a better tomorrow.

On a related note, it is reported that Mr. Sree, yet another top talent, is leaving the rainy US Metro in 2 weeks to his Ananthapuri and will be gone farming for couple of months before returning to his base in Technopark!

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