N Vwls

Wondering what the he*l the title of this post means? hm.. Keep wondering, will tell you later! Hey, it is not my usual typo!

I commute to work place in Metro bus. Pretty frequent service and clean. Under a program called Poetry on Buses, the buses display placards of poems by the theme Self Portrait. Most of the self-portraits are by students, illustrating how they see their past, present and what they hope to become. I used to read those poems on placards during my 5 minutes daily commute.

Today while commuting back home, I came across an interesting placard. For a few minutes, I did not understand what it means. I had my digital camera with me, took a picture of it so that I can solve it later!

Would you like to try this?

If the image is not clear (I resized it), here is the text version of this.

Ths pm hs n vwls
t dsn’t rhym
nd t dsn’t mk sns
Th strng thng s tht y cn ndrstnd t
Vn thgh ts mst mprnt lttrs r bsnt

Whn y rd t
smthng s mssng
jst lk whn y lv lf
th mst mprnt thngs
r smtms mssng

Now you tell me, what is this poem all about? What is special? Are you as dump as myself?

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