N Vwls

Wondering what the he*l the title of this post means? hm.. Keep wondering, will tell you later! Hey, it is not my usual typo!

I commute to work place in Metro bus. Pretty frequent service and clean. Under a program called Poetry on Buses, the buses display placards of poems by the theme Self Portrait. Most of the self-portraits are by students, illustrating how they see their past, present and what they hope to become. I used to read those poems on placards during my 5 minutes daily commute.

Today while commuting back home, I came across an interesting placard. For a few minutes, I did not understand what it means. I had my digital camera with me, took a picture of it so that I can solve it later!

Would you like to try this?

If the image is not clear (I resized it), here is the text version of this.

Ths pm hs n vwls
t dsn’t rhym
nd t dsn’t mk sns
Th strng thng s tht y cn ndrstnd t
Vn thgh ts mst mprnt lttrs r bsnt

Whn y rd t
smthng s mssng
jst lk whn y lv lf
th mst mprnt thngs
r smtms mssng

Now you tell me, what is this poem all about? What is special? Are you as dump as myself?


  1. 🙂 sounds interesting! Thank you guys for solving this puzzle! he he

    So the author says that life is like this poem. Life doesn’t rhyme, doesn’t make sense sometimes, but you live it even though you feel something important is missing from it. Too much thinking for the 11th grade poet!

  2. let me try to tweak dona’s version.

    This poem has no vowels
    it doesn’t rhyme
    and it doesn’t make sense
    The strange thing is that you can understand it
    Even though its most important letters are absent

    When you read it
    something is missing
    just like when you live life
    the most important things
    are sometimes missing

    mprnt doesn’t convert to important though. Is it some oher word or should the word in poem have been mprtnt?

    yea, it’s kinda crossword, still takes time. s could mean is, as or so; t for at, it or to, and r for are or our, etc.. vwls cn’t b rdndnt ntl r brins r prgrmmd ccrdngly!

  3. Apart from being a cool trick, I think the comparison made with life is just stretching it.

    By the way, it could be…
    When you read it
    Something is missing
    Just like when you live life

    But on a related note, it is not difficult to decipher it. Have vowels become redundant?

  4. well i thought i will give it a try..i think i will make a fool out of my self.

    This poem has no vowels
    to doesnt rhyme
    and to doesnt make sense
    the strange thing that you can understant to
    even though the most important letters are absent

    when you read to
    something so message
    just like when you love life
    the most important things
    are sometimes missing.

    well i tried, I dont know what t* is it at* or to* or is it some thing else..and after reading what i typed it doesnt make any sence to me..

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