Thoughtboxes – Organizer Web Application

Thoughtboxes is a simple web application that helps you organize all of the things that are important to you. It’s all online so there is nothing to download, and you can access your account from anywhere. Its basic plan is free. It gives you the simplicity and structure of lists with the flexibility of mind maps. Use Thoughtboxes for whatever you like, you can’t go wrong. Drag and drop thoughts and boxes anywhere you like. Mark important thoughts with a star, and check them off when they’re done. It gets out of the way so you can get things done.

On your dashboard view there is a little button that says ‘Edit your profile →’ right next to your avatar pic. Click this button and you’ll be able to change all your profile details, your password, and your billing info too. You can get to the dashboard view by clicking your name in the header or by going to username. It lets you have as many lists as you want, all on the same screen. You can give each of them a name, color code them, and move them around wherever you like.

  • Organize Anything: Whether you want to brainstorm ideas for your next big project or you just want to keep track of tasks, Thoughtboxes makes it fun and easy.
  • Share and Collaborate: With a single click, you can share your thoughts with anyone, or collaborate privately with your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • [advt]Make Things Happen: When you have all of your thoughts organized in a simple, structured way, you can start to get things done and make things happen. To work on them together with your friends and to share files. It is also a great tool for group projects as it allows group members to easily collaborate. Advanced search, numerous templates, and 2GB of FREE File Storage are only few examples of how Springnote can help you.



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