Download MilesTrac – Android App that Track Odometer and Tax Credit

MilesTrac is a very simple and quick Android app to track odometer readings and destinations for reimbursable or tax credit applicable trips. It’s designed to be very simple. Simply enter a destination and odometer readings. At the end of each month you can generate a CSV file and email it to your boss, HR department or tax professional.

Download MilesTrac from Android Market

MilesTrac makes it easy to enter odometer readings and destination notes for a Mileage Log. View a list of trips and edit or delete any trip to add notes or make corrections. Send a spreadsheet report via E-Mail. Easily clear the db each time after sending the report.
[advt]Requires SDCARD to generate the spreadsheet report.
Purchase the MilesTrac Backup option within the application to unlock backing up and restoring your database to the SDCARD. The separate “MilesTrac Pro Key” application in the market is not needed for new users.

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