Think Flat – Does It Sound Negative?

Which is the most negative phrase?
a) Think Positive
b) Think Global
c) Think High
d) Think Ahead
e) Think Flat

What is your answer? Most of the people would select Think Flat as the answer. Flat usually has a negative connotation. Flat reminds us of flat tires or flat beer! smiling

If you have read Tom Friedman’s (The Flatman!) book, the term Flat World might be appealing to you in a positive way. But Infosys’s Think Flat Blog made me ask this question – What exactly does Think Flat mean? Does it mean ‘think for winning in the flat world’? Think Flat does not convey this meaning unless someone explains to you the context in detail.

Negative meaning of flat from

  • Lacking interest or excitement; dull: a flat scenario.
  • Lacking in flavor: a flat stew that needs salt.
  • Having lost effervescence or sparkle: flat beer.
  • Deflated. Used of a tire.
  • Electrically discharged. Used of a storage battery.
  • Of or relating to a horizontal line that displays no ups or downs and signifies the absence of physiological activity: A flat electroencephalogram indicates a loss of brain function.
  • Commercially inactive; sluggish: flat sales for the month.
  • Unmodulated; monotonous: a flat voice
  • Lacking variety in tint or shading; uniform: “The sky was bright but flat, the color of oyster shells” (Anne Tyler).
  • Not glossy; mat: flat paint.
  • Music – Being below the correct pitch.

I suggest the world being flattened can be called Global Village 2.0! After all, versioining is the standard nomenclature nowadays, like Web 2.0, SOA 2.0 and GDM 2.0!


  1. May be, it suggests Infosys is thinking flat in terms of hierarchy instead of thinking top down..

  2. I agree with anonymous…

    The idea ‘world is flat’ has somehow caught up with infosys.

    While their main goal is to scale up (as said by Mr. NRN during an interview with NDTV along with Bill Gates), their goal for the world seems to be get flat….

    I think the “peter principle” is finally catching up with Infosys guys.

  3. NASA is to Space,
    Google is to Innovation,
    Vint Cerf is to Internet,
    Richard Stallman is to Open Source,
    Jesse James Garrett is to AJAX,
    Lakshmi Mittal is to Steel,
    [and Bush is to War :-)],
    what is Infosys’s crediblity in talking about the Flat World? Could someone explain, please?

    Is it that, Tom Friedman visited the Infosys campus in Bangalore and mentioned it in his book? I think the Western-style campus with lawn, golf course and swimming pool flattened him! Does this give Infosys any credibility to talk about the flat world concept?!

    Companies like Wal-Mart operating its departments in various countries in collaboration, are the real flat world companies who can talk about it. Infosys just rolls on its GDM wheels, with a lot of push from its PR gimmicks and hype. The deliverables from Infosys is just the same as (if not worse than) those of the other silent Indian IT players like TCS, Wipro or CTS. Now Infosys is shamelessly trying to capitalize on Friedman’s book. Isn’t it true that Infosys proves to be shameless opportunist? Don’t you agree with me?

  4. true.
    and what gave infosys the power to talk about the flat world? I dont think Infosys as a flat world company. It just got lucky and a better operating environment. It has done nothing to make the world flat not does Infosys operate in a flat world. It is just operaint with uts cheap cost and bidy shopping, that is all. Its all hype!!!

  5. The world is being flattened by the US or its alleys. They had tried to flatten Vietnam and Cuba. They flattened Afganistan. They flattened Iraq. They are planning to flatten Lebanon.
    Work closly with the US, they will help us either flatten India and Pakistan, or they use us to flatten other nations!

  6. hey sree, i guess this is going to become an eye opener critic review of the ‘think flat’ hype! your company rocks in PR and media hype da!

  7. sree, nice review. i also got confused when i read about the infosys blog first.
    i read tom’s book. i feel it is just perception about globalization from usa’s point of view.

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